Made in Roath

Art Collaborations | 2017 and 2018 | Completed

Studio Gennaio created two site-specific installations as interactive exhibitions spaces for the annual Made in Roath festival.

In 2017, Studio Gennaio created a site-specific immersive space within the confines of a residential garden and garage in which festival-goers experienced Jessica Wright and James McColl’s audiovisual project Collide-o-Vision - Observation of Beautiful Forms.
A lightweight structure, exploring reflection, symmetry and pattern, was formed from plastic electrical conduit and wrapped with old VHS tape, collected from local residents. The hidden memories and documents of everyday life contained within this magnetic tape cocooned the space, creating a unique, tactile and intimate viewing experience, complementing the artists’ work.

In 2018, Studio Gennaio collaborated with artist Christopher Hopkins.
Studio Gennaio’s installation for Pop to the Shop! used locally-sourced supermarket boxes to create a navigable exhibition space for Christopher’s work. His vibrant paintings can be seen within and through random openings in the cardboard structure: imperfect, discarded bricks which do not hide their previous use. The viewer feels like they are in a supermarket, a warehouse. What is a museum, after all, but a storage depot for art?